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The elegant aged 30 to 40 years old woman begins to count the wrinkles - here's one formed his lips, that stretched the crease between his eyebrows. The skin became drier, thinner. Anti-aging cosmetics is designed just for this group - as already touched your face, but still did not cause him damage unforgiving. Now for skin care enough tools such as nourishing and hydrating face cream.

Your choice - anti aging face cream VitaCream. Anti-aging cosmetics is usually represented by special lines, uniting a variety of products - creams, serums, active concentrates. "Effective" anti-aging cream typically comprises hyaluronic acid, which keeps the water, various vitamins, antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, which helps the skin to produce collagen and elastin, kinetin, restoring the skin's hydration.

Each anti aging face cream is committed to the uniqueness - anti aging face cream has the appropriate marking on the package, indicating the age group, which is calculated.

Task cream after 45 years.

The skin condition is dependent on hormonal levels. The appointment of hormone therapy drugs - is entirely the field of medicine, in it we will not interfere. In cosmetology used phytohormones, ie hormones of vegetable origin. They are easier to digest, no side effects, and most importantly work exactly where it is required skin. I can recommend VitaFirm.

To nutrients cream to better penetrate into the skin cells, the cream is best applied after massage. Professional massage is generally the best remedy against skin aging. At this time there is increased blood flow and skin more actively responds to food and better it learns.

A similar effect occurs after the bath, and after a busy day. Use every opportunity to enhance the action of the cream! At home, you can do instead of massage and pat pats on the massage lines after applying the cream for 5 minutes. This simple procedure will enhance the effect of any cream, reduce fatigue after mental exertion.

Cream and Age.

In some ways, this list has something in common with the objectives of the cream for 35-45 years. Only requires strengthening properties, plus the added task to align hormonal levels. How is it resolved? In order to enhance the intensity of the action in the cosmetic active ingredients are added and biostimulators of plant origin - ginseng, schizandra, Siberian ginseng, aloe, vitamins and minerals. At what age can use these tools? All individually depending on the skin condition. For such enhanced stimulation requires appropriate evidence - fast skin aging.

Important! Cream with bio-stimulants are not recommended bezsistemno - you can get an effect opposite to the desired. The main rule - a gradual strengthening of such stimulation and the use of the course (eg spring and autumn). At other times, better use a conventional anti-aging face cream, recommended after 40. Otherwise, the skin may occur dependence of these procedures or fatigue from excessive intense.